Boost your WooCommerce Shop

Boostimer is a product wise availability plugin which shows a beautiful countdown and lets you know when your unavailable product will be restocked!

It also lets you sell limited-time products during a fixed time schedule countdown in your WooCommerce shop.

Using this plugin, it’s easy to know when the required product will be available or restocked in the store.

Furthermore, offering products on a limited sale time with a catchy countdown can create a sense of urgency which can trigger the user to make the purchase right away.


  • Display a countdown timer to highlight when the product will be restocked.
  • Display a countdown timer to highlight sale products purchase availability end days and time.
  • Display stock timer automatically after sale timer when stock goes zero.
  • Manages restock and sell countdown for stock quantity
  • Display sale timer and restock timer countdown for Simple Product
  • Display restock timer countdown for Variable Product
  • Display Sale timer countdown for External/Affiliate Product
  • Customize Sale Timer and Restock Timer title
  • Works seamlessly with WooCommerce Subscriptions product - Simple, Variable.
  • and much more 🔥

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